Auto Dialer can help you increase your business...

Auto Dialer can help you increase your business...

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An Auto Dailer is a outbound calls dialing software that helps in boosting the output for Calling campaigns. Connect to more customers per hour, increase your team's productivity, and minimise downtime.

You can start an outbound call campaign using Calley Auto Dialer in 2 Minutes. Calley ACD is the right choice for your business and supports multiple calling modes like:

- Power Calling
Do not make your customers wait for your agents
Use a power ACD to run an outbound call campaign in minutes.

- Uninterrupted Dailing Mode
Dial more often with no interruptions.
Set a time gap for the next call to happen so that your sales agent does not sit’s idle.

- Preview Dialing
Do your research before you make a call?
Your operators can focus on creating a personal connection for each lead.

- TCPA Safe Dailing Mode
Always be on the right side of the law.
Manage a list of DNC registry to filter out numbers who have subscribed to the same.

Remember… Your Sales representative is your Closer…

Give them the best tools, information, and whatever help they require to get you more deals.

- Keep Sales Executive updated with the correct information
They can quickly approach the customer details from the app on their mobile as soon as you upload it to the web panel.

- Focus on getting more Sales
With simple UI and cloud software, you aim more on winning new deals instead of troubleshooting Tech issues.

- Easy & Glassy Procedure
Instead of a random ad-hoc dialing your executives, follow a process flow that offers them a better sense of work and clear reporting to you.

- Reporting and analytics
Never stop enhancing your enterprise procedure. Always win in providing the best experience for your customers.

It's not just Output but also Efficiency, which is improved.

Today the world is not just about getting things check here done; it is getting more done. We, at Calley ensure that you do at the minimum 3X more calls using our auto dailers as compared to when you do it by human. That's not all; we have generated functionalities to ensure that we protect you from duplicating work.

- Synchronize with CRM
Zapier integration allows real-time sync of customers from your CRM to the app app.

- 99.99% uptime
Dependable cloud servers never leave your operators hanging.

- Appoint 100,000 leads at once
Using tools like power import, you can now assign 100,000 customers at once to your group of sales representatives.

- Be on the correct side
Ensure to support positive lead engagements.

What is an Auto Dailer?
An auto dailer is a software application that powers an outbound call center and helps operators by automatically dialing calls from a list of leads. It is widely used to provide customer support or do telemarketing, but the benefits can be seen through its implementation in different other scenarios like:

- Meeting scheduling
- Lead nurturing
- Lead conversion
- Closing a deal
- Look intos
- Mortgage trading

And many more.

Are Autodailers banned?

As long as that the calls are being dailed automatically, there are questions about the autodailer being lawful to use. There is, in fact, a law that defines the limits of an automated mobile dailer. But that should not cause any panic to you. There is nothing wrong with using auto dialers unless you are using them irresponsibly.

What is the Best Auto dailer app?

The best auto dialer application will be the one that helps in boosting the output of your calling operators, supports you to plan an outbound calling campaign, promotes workflow automation, and enhances lead experience. Something you can work from anyplace, be it your workspace or if you are working from home.

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